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There is often confusion over which is the right needle for the job.  In days gone by many people only changed the needle in their sewing machine when it broke and the same needle was used for everything.  Sometimes the same needle was in the machine for years.  In those days we didn’t have the variety of fabrics to use that we do today, few synthetics and certainly no stretch.  We also didn’t have such a wide choice of thread to use and of course the machines mostly did just a straight stitch and if we were lucky a zig zag.

Today we have such a wide variety of fabric to work with and threads that give us different effects and of course our machines do many different tasks from heavy mending to fine heirloom work, embroidery, and even things like lace making.  So this has seen the choice of sewing needles grow and sometimes it is difficult to choose the right one for the job.

This is made a little easier because today most machines take the same type of needle which is called a 705.  This suits all machines for general sewing but does come in different sizes.  A size 80 is a good middle sized needle for most fabrics but if you are like me and prefer a finer needle as it puts a smaller hole in the fabric you may like to use a size 70. 

When sewing stretch fabric it is best to use a stretch needle as this has a slightly rounded tip and so prevents the needle snagging the fabric and helps the stitch to form correctly preventing skipped stitches. I like to use a 70 or 75 for this.



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Don’t you just love to have a glimpse of the Past

Vintage Sewing Machines

By Alison Cole  |   Submitted On November 09, 2006

Sewing machine is one of the key inventions that have helped to shape the modern world. There are many popular vintage sewing machines. Most popular vintage sewing machine companies trading over the Internet are Bradbury, Singer, Jones, Frister and Rossmann.

Vintage sewing machines are both collectible and usable. Old sewing machines are still popular because they are well-engineered, well-made workhorses. The value of a vintage sewing machine is great. There are a number of variables involved in determining the value of an old sewing machine; they are condition and completeness of the machine, rarity of the machine and geographic location of the machine.

Most vintage sewing machines date back to the beginning of the 1900’s. Most of them are still very popular. Singer machine models 301A, 221 Featherweight and 66 are the popular vintage sewing machines. Of these, the Singer Featherweight 221 is a classic model manufactured by the company between 1933 and 1964. It is a “collectible” of the first order and is featured on many Web pages which cater to antique sewing machine collectors.

Vintage sewing machines can be bought from stores or antique shops. Some suppliers of vintage sewing machines offer certificates of guarantee, or even warranties.

Before buying a vintage machine, check for authenticity and buy only from trustworthy sellers. Online auctions are dangerous places to buy expensive vintage sewing machines. As buyers don’t know anything about the seller, they may cheat in the course of dealing. There are many helpful sites on the Internet providing relevant information about vintage sewing machines. EBay is popular among vintage sewing machine collectors.

Many individuals are now using vintage sewing machines as decorative pieces at home. They may be well-placed in a hallway, entryway, or a family room to showcase the beautiful craftsmanship. So if you possess a vintage sewing machine, take good care of it by consulting an antique dealer to find out the proper way to clean and maintain it. Vintage sewing machines are always an asset for future generations.

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